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How to Wash by A Pressure Washer

Electric, gas or water pressure washers can clean almost anything outdoors, and they can work so fast and dramatically that they are fun.  Now I am telling about how we can use this safely and efficiently.


There are two types of pressure washers and they work dramatically. Those are so fun to use and such quick results. You will be begging to clean to your neighbors’siding, driveways, and cars once you’ve finished yours. Pressure washers can be ren or buy to clean nearly any outdoor item. If you read this article, then you will learn how to use pressure washers safely and quickly.


Pressure washers powered by electric motors or gas engines. They run a pump that pressurizes the water from your garden hose to 1000 lbs. And they can give more forces it out through a spray wand.


Most pressure washers that you will find for rent or sale are gas powered. This type of Pressure washers can deliver higher water pressure than the electric pressure washers. Some are more than 3000 psi. Those washers are used for bigger jobs like preparing to a side for painting, stains from wood decks and deep-cleaning and removing aging. Less than 2400 psi Pressure washers come with a single spray nozzle. Some brands offer accessory nozzles that clean more efficiently than adjustable nozzles because they spin the water stream for you can clean everything correctly.


If you want to clean any debris with gas washer than following some steps.

  • you have to connect any accessories like a chemical injector.
  • Then run water through the washer for one minute to prime the system and remove any air.
  • Then you have to squeeze the spray wand trigger to bleed water pressure.
  • At last, pull the starter cord to start the engine.


You have to make sure water supply can deliver the gallons per minute specified for your machine.you have to Check the water inlet filter or screen and clean it for debris. And also you have to make sure the garden and pressure hoses are kink free.


Before starting the washer you have to see something. Follow some steps.

  • You have to tighten all hose connections so no air can enter into the lines.
  • Then you have to set the spray wand to low. Because electric washers and gas washers with variable nozzles should be at low pressure.
  • You have to turn on the water completely the water faucet at the house. Squeeze the spray wand trigger to prime the pump and purge air from the system.
  • Never run washer longer than five minutes while the trigger is off.


A pressure washer can remove dirt and grime. For best cleaning results without damage any surfaces, the pressure setting, and spray pattern on an inconspicuous place. For washing house siding you have to follow those rules.

  • You have to lay tarps around the house perimeter to protect plants and collect paint chips and blown off during washing.
  • You can not hold the spray wand head on to the siding. This drives dirt into the surface rather than washing it away,
  • You have to work small at a time. You have to prevent strokes and rinse the stream level.
  • You can use extension spray wand for reaching higher places.
  • Never spray windows. The high pressure can break them.

Store the pressure washer indoors in the off-season to avoid damage to the pump. Otherwise, using only antifreeze designed for recreational vehicles. You have to prevent damage to the engine by draining the system of gas or adding a gas preservative to the fuel tank.


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